Many parents approach us about concerns their child may have ADHD.

Parents are sure their child is inattentive and/or hyperactive. More often than not, when they bring the child in for testing, their child did not eat prior to coming. Noticeably, they bring low nutrition snacks of chips, candy and cookies without the proper amount of rest the night prior.

5 Questions to Answer Before Seeking ADHD Testing:

  1. Has your child had a comprehensive vision test? Your child’s lack of attention could be due to not being able to see what the teacher is writing on the board.
  2. Has your child had a comprehensive hearing evaluation? What may appear to be ignoring, tuning-out, or day-dreaming may be due to your child not hearing what is being said.
  3. Does your child get a good night/restful sleep? If it takes more than 30 minutes for the morning fog to lift for your child, your child may have poor sleep hygiene or sleep apnea. Before seeking a sleep study for sleep apnea, implement our suggestions about sleep hygiene.
  4. How is your child’s diet? Are they eating mainly processed foods high in simple carbohydrates and artificial ingredients? Try replacing processed grains with whole grains, reducing sugar intake and adding more omega 3’s to your child’s diet.
  5. How consistent is your parenting? Is your child receiving different messages from parents and caretakers about what is acceptable and what is not acceptable? How consistent is each parent in what they expect of the child? It is imperative that parents and caretakers communicate a clear and consistent message to their child so that the child is not confused about when and where specific behaviors are permissible.

After answering these questions and tending to areas that may need addressing, if your child is still exhibiting concerning behaviors it is time to make the call to a qualified provider to assess your child for ADHD.

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