For many busy, working families, the holiday break can feel less like a vacation and more like a storm of activities, scheduled obligations, parties, errands and stress. With this in mind, here are a few tips and tricks to help your family survive the holiday break.

Keep the Kids Busy

Even though you may still be going to work, the kids are out of school and will likely get bored quickly. Have some activities planned, not just at home but outside as well. One of the good things about South Texas is mild winter temperatures so go to a state park, a local park or a nearby playground and get some energy out.

Manage Parental Expectations

Just because it is the holidays there will still be some misbehavior and meltdowns. There are more parties, family gatherings and errands to run during the holidays and can get kids out of sorts. If your child functions better with a routine, keep your routine through the holidays. Be sure to give your children a layout of what the days ahead will be like. Often by letting them know what to expect, their anxieties and meltdowns are reduced.

Parents Night Out

Yes, you heard right. The holidays are all about the kids but you need some time to engage with other adults or not. You may just need some time to yourself. Head out to the movies with a friend or slip away to the local library and soak in some quiet I’m feeling some extra stress in the shoulders from all the shopping schedule a massage yourself.


Make sure you carve out time for your family’s own special Traditions. Try not to feel pressured by all the demands of friends and extended family and take steps to protect your family’s sacred time together. Your children will  forever remember the Traditions established in your family and will carry them into their own in the future.


Seems like a strange thing to discuss during the holidays, but with the stress of shopping, cooking and traveling sometimes we forget this is supposed to be fun. A sense of humor can make even mundane tasks such as standing in lines enjoyable or at least tolerable.

We hope these helpful hints get you through the holidays!

Joy and happiness in your heart.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Mind Works!

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