Meet Mind Works

Meet Mind Works

Practitioners at Mind Works each brings unique specialties to you and your children through our Child-Centered Healthcare approach. What makes child-centered healthcare unique is the sharing of information among our Mind Works team members related to your child's care and the establishment of a comprehensive treatment plan to address the biological, psychological, and social needs of your child. Integrated behavioral health care, a part of "whole-person care," is a rapidly emerging shift in the practice of high-quality healthcare. It is a core function of Mind Works. At Mind Works, we know that you want to be an informed and equipped parent. Below you can view our practitioner's bios to learn more about our team of experts.

Dr. Anne Esquivel
President / Founder
Angela Medellin
Executive VP, Health Services
John Esquivel
Chief Operating Officer

Assessment Providers

Dr. Leslie Musgrove
Dr. Jessica Floyd Alexander
Gabriel Garcia

Evidenced-Based Therapy Providers


Medication-Assisted Treatment Providers

Dr. Grizelda Anguiano

Mind Works Staff

Esther Dean
If you are not sure about which therapist may be a good fit for you, call our office and one of our administrative staff will be able to determine which therapist at Mind Works can help.