Medication Management plays an important role in the health and wellbeing of children. When therapy alone is not sufficient, the plan may need to be augmented with medication. Medication helps provide relief of symptoms for children who are struggling with various mental health disorders such as ADHD, anxiety, and depression. Medication can also assist in helping children provide a sense of physical relief, while you and your child are working with a team of experts to provide behavior interventions, parenting guidance, and lifestyles changes to help your child cope better.

At Mind Works we provide an integrated healthcare approach to treatment. This means that when your child is being seen by our physician they are also being seen by their therapist. This allows for substantial collaboration and individualized care for every child that walks through our doors.

Medications do come with a list of side effects that can be concerning for many parents. Some parents worry that this will be a permanent solution to treatment. While you should be open to your child taking medication if they need to, you should also know that medication does not have to be, nor is it expected to be, a permanent solution to treatment. Your physician will explain the process while helping you navigate and address any questions you may have about medication-assisted treatment.

Mind Works is here to support you and your child by providing you with a team of expert clinicians who will work with your physician to ensure the best treatment approach.

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