Making Virtual Learning a Success


Making Virtual Learning a Success

Set Up a Workplace It is important to find a quiet space in your home where your child can learn that is as distraction free as possible. Use headphones to help your child focus and concentrate. If possible, keep your child’s bedroom a study free zone. Part of having good sleep hygiene is keeping your child’s bedroom just for sleeping....[ read more ]

Helping Our Children Sleep

There are many reasons why sleep is so important and one in particular, is how it impacts our social and mental functioning. An insufficient amount or quality of sleep can lead to difficult behaviors, inability to focus, impulsivity, anxiety, and depression to name a few. Although our sleep schedule changes when external factors disrupt our routines, such as a season...[ read more ]

Loving a Difficult Child

It is often said that children who need love the most will ask for it in the most unloving ways. We see this in childhood behavior problems such as temper tantrums, yelling and screaming, hitting others, and sometimes refusing parent instruction. Children with behavioral issues often have a difficult time receiving acceptance from others. Sometimes their peers will outcast them...[ read more ]

Affirming Couple Wellness

Welcome to 2020, a vision year. This month’s blog brings attention to the significance of self-care and to your partner relationship health with conscious reflection on benefits to the family unit. In this vein, Valentines Day is coming around the corner, and with it the opportunity to shift focus and recommit to the power of partner connection. The ongoing and...[ read more ]

How Children Show Their Grief

While working in grief, I get a lot of concerns and questions from parents and caregivers asking if their child is grieving normally.   The most common worries I hear are:  “They were just crying and now they're playing.”    “They haven’t cried at all since the death.” “They seemed to be fine when they were nine, but now they are twelve,...[ read more ]

New Year, Same You?

Getting through the holiday hustle and bustle can sometimes leave us feeling exhausted. We just got through the time of year when we are trying to shop for the “perfect” Christmas gift for our loved ones, juggling family visitation and expectations, while shuttling children to holiday parties and end of the year activities. And if you’re not already exhausted by...[ read more ]

Grieving Through the Holidays: A Counselor’s Personal Experience

I grew up in a close-knit family, and my big brother was the centerpiece of it. He was funny, loving, and a bit of a grouch. He was a force to be reckoned with; I say that out of love. I was a sophomore in college when he died, and I was devastated. My world had just changed drastically from...[ read more ]

Supporting Your LGBTQIA+ Loved One This Holiday Season

The holidays are upon us; trees are up, gatherings have begun, and school breaks are right around the corner. Being home and having more exposure to family, immediate and extended, can bring pressures for anyone. You may not realize that these pressures can be uniquely amplified for our LGBTQIA+ loved ones. Family gatherings are filled with people trying to catch...[ read more ]

Nurturing Your Family Bond

Life tends to get busy and with this mode of always being on-the-go, it can be easy to fall out of a routine. With kids that are over-scheduled, and parents with demanding jobs, it can feel like there is never enough time to enjoy each other’s company.  If we aren’t mindful about engaging with one another on a day-to-day basis,...[ read more ]

Practicing Authenticity with Someone on Your Side

Two podcasts have made their mark on me recently: “Armchair Expert” with Dax Shephard featuring Esther Perel and “Don’t Go There” with Dr. Brenda Gesell on the topic of “Am I a Good Enough Mom?” The Pressures of Environment Both of these podcasts explore the challenges inherent in partnership and parenting in our modern world. We are often isolated in...[ read more ]