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Cortnee Schraer, M.S., LPC

Hello, I am Cortnee, a licensed professional counselor (LPC). I have a passion for working with children and this has led to my current pursuit of obtaining my credential as a registered play therapist (RPT). I work with children as young as 3 and up to age 12; I support children with a many different presenting concerns such as: behavioral problems related to aggression, anxiety, conduct disorders, depression, and symptoms related to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, such as disruptiveness and inattentiveness. I also work with children who develop symptoms from adoption, abandonment, autism, divorce, learning disabilities, trauma, and academic or social problems.


I help children who have experienced abuse and trauma in their life. I have experience working with emotional, physical, and sexual abuse. I provide play therapy and facilitate the development of a safe relationship for the child to fully express and explore their trauma in a supportive environment.


I support children who are struggling with disruptive, impulse control, and conduct disorder and problems in both emotional and behavioral regulation. I enjoy working, collaboratively, with the parents, to develop a plan that best fits the specific needs of their child. I use a mix of mindfulness, positive reinforcement strategies, and play therapy techniques to allow them to improve their self-control over their emotions and behaviors. I enjoy using a strength-based approach to help build on their confidence and make them feel capable to make better decisions.


My passion is working with children who are struggling with behavioral and emotional regulation as well as trauma and anxiety.  I work to develop age-appropriate treatment plans, objectives, and goals in order to help each child reach their potential and work towards long term change. I always encourage self-expression, creative representation, and imagination through play to learn coping skills and build resiliency.  In addition, I understand the importance of including parents for the best outcomes and have many interventions to help parents support their child's progress.


When I am not counseling, you can usually find me hanging out with my husband and our two rescue dogs. We have a passion for staying active and being outdoors; by being outdoors, I mean eating lunch on a nice patio, and by staying active, I mean sitting at the dog park watching my dogs play. You could say I do not take myself too seriously; I find happiness in making people laugh and finding humor in everyday life.

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Cortnee Schraer,