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Leah Evans, M.S., LPC

Hi, I’m Leah Evans and I am currently a licensed professional counselor with Mind Works.  I specialize in injecting humor into my therapeutic approach, meeting clients where they are and encouraging growth without unrealistic expectations.  I have a background in eating disorders, anxiety, and Dialectical behavioral therapy from The Eating Recovery Center and the Eating Disorder Center of San Antonio.  I received my education from University of the Incarnate Word with a Bachelor of Science in Child and Adolescent Psychology and the University of Texas as San Antonio, where I achieved a Master of Science in Clinical and Mental Health Counseling.


I help children and adults who struggle with body positivity and body image disorders.  Learn to celebrate what we can do for ourselves, see our differences as strengths, and learning to ignore the “cultural ideal” clears away stressors placed on us by the media or expectations of others.  Creating a positive sense of self and celebrating health at all ages, stages, and sizes helps to reduce stress and increase positive life experiences.


In working with clients with eating disorders, I encourage a collaborative approach where the client relies on their support system as well as the skills we learn in session to work towards recovery.  Learning to use intuitive listening, put our health above social cues, and acknowledging the layers to the struggle helps create a realistic approach in recovery.  When working with eating disorders, my approach employs the use of validation and hope, meeting you where you are and expecting the best for you, even when you can’t image the best for yourself.


Being realistic and honest is an important step in recovery.  Without transparency, there is often a block to authentic work being done to rise above challenges and struggles.  Collaborating with my clients in their care helps create a team-based approach where we are both working towards the best possible version of themselves.  As Florence Welch once sang: “You can’t carry it with you if you want to survive.”


I am an avid runner in my free time and always enjoy a good nap.  I have worked multiple jobs as a baker and have retired baking to a joy activity when I need to destress and feel at ease.  I am a dog person.  I would describe myself as “outdoorsy.”

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Leah Evans