Making it Through Tough Times

Recently my family went through a tough time taking care of a sick loved one in the hospital. You don’t really know how much people care until they offer to bring you a meal, send you positive thoughts through texts, or don’t show up at all. Being a caregiver can be burdensome. It is both physically and mentally draining should I say! I am reminded of a few things that helped me get through this process. Let me share them with you in hopes you too will find comfort during tough times.

First, Honor the process.  Allow yourself to feel the emotion.  We will all experience rough patches and difficult seasons throughout our life. If we rush through life wishing difficult seasons where over, then we never truly gain strength or perspective.  For it is in the difficult seasons that push us and cause us to grow.

This brings me to my next point, Self-Care. It is crucial when we experience stress we try and take care of the basics. When I mean basics, I mean we have to eat scheduled meals, have good sleep hygiene, and incorporate some physical activity into our daily life.  Begin your day with positive quotes and words of encouragement wherever you can find them. I remember listening to calming music in the car on the way to the hospital. I tried to grasp every bit of positivity I could find and meditate on it throughout the day.

Lastly, I would tell you that is ok to Ask for Help when you need it. It is ok to accept a meal from a friend, or to call a friend and ask for a meal without feeling embarrassed by allowing someone to care for you.  It’s ok that you don’t have all the answers and don’t know the outcome. Know that you have already survived 100 percent of your worst days. And no matter what happens in the end, there is always something to be grateful for.

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