Medication Management

Medication Management

Are you looking for a place that provides comprehensive treatment, psychological testing, medication management, and evidenced based therapy services for your child all under one roof? If so, then Mind Works is the place to start!

At Mind Works, we believe in an integrated healthcare approach which allows clients to receive higher levels of care from multiple providers who can collaborate with each other to provide you with the best treatment outcomes.

Mind Works is now collaborating with pediatric physician, Dr. Grizelda Anguiano, who provides medication management for the treatment and assessment of ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression.

At Mind Works we believe in quality versus quantity. Your intake appointment with Dr. Anguiano will be an hour long where you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your concerns, discuss treatment options, and discuss treatment goals.

You will receive 30 minute follow-up appointments every 4-12 weeks depending on what is agreed upon with your physician.

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to receive psychotherapy services with an experienced clinician who will work alongside your physician to ensure your treatment goals are being met. Studies show that medication management coupled with regular therapy visits yield the best results.

If you would like more information about this collaborative approach, please contact our office.

We are now booking appointments. Call our office at (210) 366-3700 to book your appointment.

Initial consultation with physician $300

Follow up appointments $200

Accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna

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