Anne Esquivel, Ph.D., RPT

Anne Esquivel, Ph.D., RPT

Welcome! I am Anne Esquivel and I am a Clinical Psychologist. I conduct psychological testing at Mind Works. I am able to test children starting at age 2, as well as teens and adults. Testing can help provide diagnostic clarification and recommendations for learning issues, Autism, ADHD, behavior problems, mood disorders, anxiety disorders, or personality issues.

Psychological testing might be warranted and helpful to clarify diagnosis when a client’s symptoms may point to different etiologies; or to give clients a deeper understanding of their thinking or personality functioning which might then help to inform and assist in treatment recommendations and planning.

The process of testing can be confusing for families. Although the exact process varies depending on the purpose of testing, it is generally completed in 3 meetings. The first meeting will be with just the parent(s) or guardian(s) or the client if over the age of 18 and me. The second session is with that patient only and a technician who will then administer and proctor the various tests. The third session will again be for the parents only (or patients over the age of 18) to discuss the results of the testing.

During the testing process I gather information through clinical interviews with client, parents, teachers, and other providers. The testing process itself involves objective and self-report measures. Clients will be asked questions and may engage in activities similar to puzzles or problem-solving, some may be on a computer, and others pen and paper. At the end of testing I analyze and summarize findings and write up a thorough testing report complete with recommendations.

My goal in conducting testing is to help our families answer complex questions and concerns that are interfering in the client’s or family’s well-being, social, academic and/or vocational functioning.

More About Me

When not working I love to spend time with my family, traveling and being active. I am active in my professional community and try to “pay it forward” by advocating for future generations of therapists and psychologists. It is my personal belief that parents are the foundation of the family and volunteer in areas that support strong vibrant families.


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