Victoria Westbrook, M.S., LPC

Victoria Westbrook, M.S., LPC

Hey There! My name is Victoria! I am a Licensed Professional Counselor here at Mind Works, and I offer individual, family, and group counseling from ages 2 to adulthood. My passion is helping children, teens, and adults overcome the traumas they have experienced, at any stage throughout their lives.


My passion is in trauma which commonly includes: abuse, domestic violence, disaster, traumatic loss, and sexual trauma/abuse. I aim to serve my clients, and families in a way that allows them to learn more awareness and how the body processes trauma.

I use Mindfulness, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Narrative Therapy to assist my clients in navigating the chaos of trauma.


In the aftermath of a trauma, my sincere hope is that I may guide my clients to cultivate and regain a sense of control through building empowerment as well as awareness of self, in order to foster healing, growth, and independence.

How I Can Help

I enjoy infusing Mindfulness and Narrative Therapy into Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to try and allow each client to feel as though they are becoming the author of their own novel. Thus, hopefully guiding my clients, and their families to a greater sense of control.

More About Me

I love animals! Outside of working in my field of passion, I love being around animals-especially my Great Dane, Stitch! I also thoroughly enjoy gardening, and feel so relaxed when I can sit back on my porch and enjoy the hard work I have done.

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