2023 Awards & Recognition Recipients

2023 Awards & Recognition Recipients

Angel Award

The Angel Award recognizes those providers who have consistently exemplified a steadfast dedication to the principles of patient and family-centered care. Patient-centered care is at the core of Mind Works' practice, where our providers offer care to patients and their families in a manner that is not only meaningful but also profoundly valuable to each individual patient.

Throughout the year, we witness thousands of lives being positively influenced by the delivery of care that embodies respect and responsiveness to each patient's unique preferences, needs, and values. It is our unwavering commitment to ensuring that our core values of COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY serve as guiding principles in all clinical decisions, ultimately contributing to the well-being and satisfaction of the patients and families we serve.

Karla Hernandez, LPC
San Antonio - West

Desiree Reyes, LPC
San Antonio - Central

Shawna Torres, LCSW

Aaron Miller, LPC
New Braunfels

Hope Award

The Hope Award is a prestigious recognition presented to a provider in acknowledgment of the profound appreciation and commendation from our patients for the exceptional quality of care and service a provider consistently offers. Their consistent near-perfect scores and the overwhelmingly positive feedback from patients have earned the recipient this esteemed honor.

Each month, our patients at Mind Works provide critical feedback, evaluating various facets of the care they receive, including attributes such as the courtesy and respect with which providers treat them, their ability to communicate in a manner that resonates with them, their attentive and empathetic listening, and, most significantly, the overall quality of care provided. The recipients' remarkable achievement in maintaining near-perfect scores in these categories stands as a testament to dedication and the profound impact made on the patients we serve.

Addison Alvarado, LPC
San Antonio - West

Steward Award

The Steward Award is a heartfelt tribute to someone who stands out as an exceptional recipient. This award celebrates an individual's unwavering commitment, remarkable expertise, diligent work ethic, top-notch customer service, and their knack for innovative thinking – qualities that have left an indelible mark on Mind Works.

At Mind Works, patients don't just seek treatment; they expect genuine care. What truly sets us apart is our sincere dedication to understanding each person's unique needs, circumstances, and well-being. This commitment is evident in every single interaction.

To not only meet but exceed the high expectations of our patients, our remarkable staff fully embrace their role and responsibility to provide an outstanding customer service experience, rooted in the core values of COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY. Exceptional healthcare begins with viewing patients from a deeply empathetic, patient-centered perspective right from their first encounter. It's about recognizing them as individuals we genuinely want to assist, leading to enduring relationships. From appointment scheduling to prescription refills, the Steward Award recipient plays a pivotal role in this exceptional journey.

Sandra Ramirez

CEOs Excellence in Healthcare Award

The CEO's Excellence in Health Care Award holds a special place of honor at Mind Works, symbolizing the remarkable efforts of our caregivers and staff at a Mind Works Center of Excellence. This award recognizes those who embody our core values of COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY, showcasing how these principles lead to proactive and effective approaches that elevate patient care and satisfaction.

Suzanne Balderrama, Reanna Owens, Lauren Jones, Cody Wilson, Aaron Miller, Shannon Miller
New Braunfels

Service Award

For over a decade, Mind Works has provided steadfast support and care to children in need. With an unswerving dedication to its core mission – delivering top-tier behavioral healthcare marked by COMPASSION, INTEGRITY, and ACCOUNTABILITY – Mind Works has become the preferred choice for parents and patients, the go-to recommendation of pediatricians, and a source of pride for its employees who actively contribute to improving the lives of their young patients.

Our commitment to upholding the highest standards of values has solidified Mind Works as a bastion of enduring quality and unwavering strength. We recognize and express our profound gratitude for years of unwavering commitment and having been an integral part of our journey and laying the foundation of our success.

Christina Burden, LPC
10 Years

Angela Medellin, CCO
10 Years