Set Up a Workplace

It is important to find a quiet space in your home where your child can learn that is as distraction free as possible. Use headphones to help your child focus and concentrate. If possible, keep your child’s bedroom a study free zone. Part of having good sleep hygiene is keeping your child’s bedroom just for sleeping.

Create a Visual Schedule

Help your child create a schedule with pictures and colors. This helps elementary school aged children learn through visuals while also being able to follow a routine.

Incorporate Stretch Breaks

Virtual learning can be challenging for children as they are sedentary for much of the day.  Having your child stretch before, during, and after school can help your child’s flexibility and improve posture.

Be Flexible

Keep an open mind that things may not go as planned. Be willing to change up things that are not working and be patient with yourself and your child as you both learn to navigate virtual learning.


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