DISTRACT: Change your focus.

We function somewhere between emotional and rational mind, this of conscious is called “Wise Mind.”

You can’t make a well adjusted and healthy decision without taking emotions and thoughts into account. The same goes for managing stress and handling crisis, according to Marsha Linehan’s DBT Skills, we can DISTRACT when our “Wise Mind Accepts.”

A: ACCEPTS Activities. Spend time following enjoyable pursuits, having conversations with a friend or family member, or participating in your favorite hobbies.

C: Contributing. Volunteer or do something to help others, even a thoughtful gesture count.

C: Comparison. Comparing oneself to the less fortunate can give perspective and reasons to be grateful.

E: Emotion. Identifying current negative emotion and act in an opposite manner, such as dancing or singing, when you feel sad.

P: Pushing away. Push the experience out of your mind and come back to it later when you are feeling stronger. Some problems are better after some time has passed.

T: Thoughts. Change your thoughts, we have control to actively change what and how we are thinking about a situation.

S: Sensations. Manipulate the sense of touch through holding something cold, squeezing a stress ball as hard as you can, take a hot shower, or give yourself a massage.

These skills are helpful in distracting ourselves or others in the moment and shift our attention elsewhere. If you are interested in finding more worksheets and ideas to use these skills, schedule an appointment with one of our providers who uses DBT skills.

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